How does online tutoring work?

How does online tutoring work?

We use video conferencing software called Zoom.  It is a completely free software that will work on computers, tablets, and phones.  

Next, you will receive an invite to a zoom meeting from me by email. Click the link in the email to join the meeting.  

When you join a meeting for the first time, Zoom will prompt you to open the meeting in the app or download the app if you have not already. If you have already downloaded the app just open it and you will be directed to the meeting room.  

You will notice that we can see and hear each other on video via the device webcam and audio. 

During the session, we will utilize Zoom's sharing capabilities to share and edit prepared resources. Very similar to sitting right next to your child and showing him or her a book or a worksheet. Online tutoring is extremely interactive and somewhat addictive. 

There is a video from Zoom that will explain what you can expect here. ZOOM!